Capital Trek

Earlier today I took JetPunk’s World Capital Quiz (try it out for yourself). I didn’t do too well: only 51 out of 186! Turns out I’m not far below average, which is 62.

I took a look at the list: Majuro, Funafuti, and Palikir were cities I had never thought much about before, and apparently only a small percentage of test-takers had either (in the range of 5%). On the other hand, over 90% identified Paris, followed closely by Rome and New York.

So – I’m going to go around the world from Majuro to Paris (virtually, that is). For each capital, my goal is to tell stories, link to other websites and blogs, and share what I learn about each place. If you have stories to add or links to share, comment or send them my way! It’d be fun to hear from visitors who live in capitals around the world.


Around the World in Capitals